Lilypad Energy Profile

Your Energy Data Platform


We empower consumers over their own energy data. Understand your consumption, get up to speed on available solutions, and connect with providers who are best suited to serve your needs.

How It Works

Understand your data

Create a profile, connect your utility information, and view your consumption through our dashboard to understand what you are buying, and what solutions are out there.

Realize Opportunities

Knowing where you stand is the first step, from there use our easy analytics to determine what value solar, battery storage, and demand response have for you.

Shop Providers

Lilypad pulls back the curtain, allowing you to know what you need. From that foundation, shop the offers local providers have for you given your specific needs.

Your Energy Data Platform

Own and access your energy-related data, integrate data from any equipment you want, make that information available on our platform and for download if you want to share – it’s your data

Know What You Need, Not What You're Told

Get your agency back! Really understand what you’re considering buying: tradeoffs between installing different numbers or types of solar panels, the addition of a storage battery in your home or business, and what the demand response providers are offering

Own Your Data, And What Its Worth

Companies will pay to have you open your thermostat’s app and turn down your AC – there is an entire industry built on this concept. Demand Response companies offer utilities aggregate grid-balancing services (think, blackout insurance), and pay participating energy consumers to use more or less electricity at key times. Want to know what you’re worth, what these companies will pay, and how you’d play ball?

Energy Is Hard – You Can Help

America was the first to develop electricity grids – by definition we have the most outdated infrastructure. Additional power plants help, but this electricity isn’t always generated in the best ways. Society found some work-arounds, from generating your own power on-site with solar panels and battery storage, to leveraging networks of Demand Response participants to balance the grid. How will you help?

We Take Data Protection Seriously

When you connect to Lilypad’s platform (bringing in data from Electric Utility Meters to Electric Vehicles and IoT), we are a company you can trust to protect your data. We use the best encryption and security protocols available, and when things get better, our team adapts fast to new changes. We wear tin-foil hats too…